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A day at Moonlodge28

You arrive just before breakfast. You come on your own or you can have someone bring you here. If I pick you up from bus stop or station, we will walk to Moonlodge28. After breakfast you can choose an activity: sculpting in clay or embroidering in the studio, reading in the easy chair in the cosy garden room, listening to some music or enjoying 'doing nothing' on the sofa with the cat on your lap. After lunch you can stay in, but you can also go outside: a silent walk in nearby nature, a bicycle trip to the waterside, take photographs of whatever touches you, a conversation near a red beech. Would you like a lovely (foot) bath when you come home? You can have and do it all, but again: only if you want to. It is all about what you want, and we will discuss this in advance by telephone and/or email. After dinner - all ecological potluck - you make your own way home.


In a beautiful old quarter in Tilburg